The RYVL SEACOPE 50W II 2-Speed Game Reel is designed using the latest in overhead reel technology. So whether it’s soaking baits over deep reefs, deploying live baits or trolling lures in the deep blue waters around the coast the RYVL SEACOPE 50W II Game Reel is ready to take on any challenge.

The RYVL SEACOPE 50W II 2-Speed Game Reel has a one-piece cold forged (for extreme strength) and machined Aluminium frame that’s treated with a proprietary surface process for cutting-edge corrosion protection. RYVL then added a lightweight cold forged aluminium spool, oversized HEG (High Efficiency Gearing) gears, waterproof carbon drag system and 8 S-ARB bearings for super slick operation. The Talica has been constructed to withstand massive drag pressures for their respective sizes and a carbon drag system has been waterproofed (when engaged) to handle salt water spray. Plus, its High Efficiency Gearing means that it has the power to fight fish well above its weight class.

The RYVL SEACOPE 50W II is built on solid engineering principles that put this reel in a league of its own. This series offers a high-speed retrieve that you can use for jigging up brutal Kingfish from offshore structures where speed can make all the difference or use it to target Marlin and Tuna trolling lures or pitching out a bait to a fired up pelagic.