G.Blade II Slow Jigging Rod

Watertype: Saltwater

This rod features Fuji’s latest innovation Silicone carbide K guides to eliminate line wrap, Fuji reels seats with locking rings and ultra tough EVA grips. Crisp and lightweight in the hand, yet powerful and responsive in the heat of battle G-Blade with SVF 40T & 60T will not disappoint.


· 45° X Technology Construction and 3D Winding
· SVF carbon fiber 40T&60T from Toray Japan
· Total 10 Fuji guides and tips
· Fuji reel seat with aluminium & carbon


Model: G-blade 1901H
Action: Fast
Line: PE 1.5-3
Lure : 130-340g
Length: 1.9M

Powerful Design

The new RYVL G-blade Slow Jigging Rod features a thin, strong and powerful blank design made possible by SVF (Super Volume Fibre) 40T &60T with unidirectional SVF graphite fibre to produce a blank with maximum graphite density. G-blade blank performance is further enhanced courtesy of 45 degree X Technology Construction and 3D winding.

RYVL Technologie

Strength, Sensitivity

Two of RYVL’s premier blank wrapping technologies, 45 degree X Technology Construction and 3D winding, work seamlessly together to improve rod performance, and eliminate blank twist and distortion to increases rod strength, function and sensitivity.

45° X Technology Construction and 3D Winding

By eliminating twist and preventing the blank from losing its round form, 45 degree X Technology and Bias Wrap allows a lighter a small diameter blank to be made, and lighter more dynamic rod to be created. 3D Winding continues the advanced blank design with its three dimensional woven process adding support to the lower power section of the rod. By knitting densely packed carbon fibres in 3 directions to create a six wrap rectangular weave, the power is distributed evenly in all directions, allowing the blank to maintain its form when loaded. This process increases the power and eliminates blank twist and collapse, and allows the rod’s power to be located at the lower section of the blank for maximum power and a reduction in angler fatigue.

Evolution III Casting & Spinning Rod

Watertype: Freshwater & Saltwater

This rod features Fully Fuji guides, Toray SVF 40T&60T carbon, more strong, more light.


· 45 degree X Technology Construction
· SVF carbon fiber 40T&60T from Toray Japan
· Total 8 Fuji guides and tips
· Custom made reel seat with aluminium & carbon
· Custom made carbon fiber grips
· Japanese Top grade Green discoloration paint
· harvy duty Safty rod pack


Action: Fast
Line: 8-25bs
CT WT: 6-34g
Length: 2.1M
Every rod with ID number



RYVL SEASAULT III 5.2m Custom surf rod, flagship surf rod. Fully sea guide® guides, Toray SCF grade carbon, more strong, more light.

more Strong, more Light

Watertype: Saltwater


*Fully carbon by Toray Japan
*powerfull graphite blank, super-sensitive to detect bottom conditions and light pickups
*X-Tube blank protection prevents scratching and wear from taking the rod in and out of the rod holder
*sea guide® marine grade SS316 frame material hero hi grade guides system with oversized and light guide
*RYVL Stainless hooded reel seat
*strength, durability and sensitivity
*High quality coating process by Japanese technology
*harvy duty Safty rod pack


Model: Seasault III 5203H
CW: 80-220g
Length :5.2M
Every rod with ID number

About me

The RYVL, the manufacturer of artistic high-performance sports equipment and accessories. This 100% New Zealand brand has been supported by its own design team with over 20 years experience of product development, It always focuses on the better design, quality, and brings us the new products every year. We strive for the pleasant fishing experiences and always offer the best for you.

“Ryvl is a kind of sharing. Everything we achieved is to make people understand that getting good stuffs doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think.”