—  Neuer Startpunkt für RYVL  —

We officially became the European Agent of the RYVL brand in 2015 and became the first step for RYVL to leave New Zealand. From start to finish, we have ready our own brand and products. With every detail we focus separately, which is therefore an independent operating system. In the spirit of high quality and great enthusiasm for the consumer, we share the latest results with the public.

Thanks to the joint efforts of OTTER Meer and RYVL, our product quality and service have been significantly improved and a new product generation is being developed. On the premise of ensuring quality, the cost of compression is our ultimate goal, and we hope that more people with less money will have better performance and enjoyment, and that philosophy will always be with us.

Grand OTTER Reisen Kultur und Freizeitgestaltung GmbH